13 May, 2014


We are generally ever so fond of the doomsday scenarios that we fail to notice the wonderful things around us.

As a child I used to be very disturbed with posters springing up in our mohalla mosques, announcing the arrival of QUIYAMAT [the last day on earth, the day of judgement ]. It was only after several such quiyamats failed the poster makers that I began to suspect their foresight or integrity.

This neglect of today and focus on hereafter has contributed to suicidal tendencies in men like the Taliban.

Never has humanity enjoyed so much comfort, so much control on diseases, so much access to information, the power to process so much information so fast, such power of communication, so many opportunities for fun etc.

Yes, new avenues also throw up new challenges. But these can be met with and conquered working rationally and with all concerned.

Only those that love TODAY care to improve surroundings and shape a better tomorrow. Reverse for those that neglect it.

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