01 June, 2014


SIT never allowed the investigation of the call records produced by Rahul Sharma. Govt of Guj claimed to have destroyed all that evidence before Nanavati Commission, with no trace of that CD.

That Modi used the phones of his secretaries is additional testimony to his master plan.

Hear the recordings of Modi's own speeches prior to his acquiring the Development avatar, specially when he was the Secretary in UP

Ashish Khetan has produced other videos including that of Godhra's BJP MLA corroborating much the same as Bajrangi

Maya Kotdnani, Bajrangi's cohort, also sentenced to life, was given a ministry by Modi post carnage.

Modi took out a Gaurav Yatra immediately after the killings. Gaurav of what?

Modi has NOT BEEN CROSS EXAMINED ON OATH, EVEN ONCE. So much for our justice system. He is yet to tender a thing called AFFIDAVIT denying on oath the Sanjiv Bhatt or Sreekumar allegations.

Modi's acolytes can subvert any amount of evidence. For the conscientious his recent campaign is enough to know the true spirit of the man. That he is the PM and that we will have to do business with him is our misfortune, but a democratic necessity.

Look, Hitler, Saddam, Gaddafi, Pol Pot, all had their millions of admirers. Modi has his. I may also of necessity and under pressure fall in line. But if you care for the truth don't pick and choose. For decent people Singhal's tape recording of Amit Shah about stalking for sahab should suffice to distance from the man. I am glad I don't have to defend such a character. 



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