07 July, 2012


July 7, 2012
July 7, 2012

I am unable to retrieve data that I had seen presenting just the opposite statistics. Nevertheless here are my stray observations:

1. Which creed encourages celibacy and abstinence? Belief or atheism? Which creed discourages heterosexual contacts? Belief or atheism? Homosexuality and lesbianism must accrue to that creed greater. No wonder ‘fathers’, brothers, nuns, sadhus, madarsa youth, et al are known to be more prone to same gender sex.

2. Every major religion regards gay as abnormal, as accursed, as sinners. Can the believers then easily proclaim their homosexuality / lesbianism and still stay faithful? Either they must hide this information, or become atheists. So atheist gays are often ejected believers!

3. Which creed will accept such behaviour with less hostility? Atheists neither blame nor credit God for human condition. Therefore, they do not regard gay as abnormals, much less sinners. This acceptance may result in showing larger numbers on their side.

4. No study suggests any biological, physical or psychological connexion between homosexuality and atheism. Nor for that matter with belief. Independent of their belief system, their physical condition – perhaps accentuated by their psychological orientation – leads them to choose homosexuality. Their belief has little to do with their condition and sexual orientation.

5. Those who regard homosexuality as sin, as perversion must regard blindness [visual impairment], deafness, [hearing impairment], etc no differently. The believers must be even more hard put to explain this condition without blaming God, the Creator, for this. Such critics must ask what happens if their own hormones begin to play truant tomorrow and they start feeling affinity toward the same sex?

6. Atheists – as obvious minority, though the reality may be different – empathize and align with the gay, another persecuted minority, even as the believers shun them. If you are gay, what are your chances of remaining a believer?

7. Equally I must add that homosexuality is contrary to the principles of evolution. Procreation is the biggest reason of NATURE for sex. So regarding homosexuality – much less celebrating it – is going overboard.

8. Let’s develop a healthy understanding of these hapless brethren and show them that we don’t blame them – nor look down upon them – for their ‘manufacturing defect’. The believers must ask the Manufacturer why some of His products turned out differently?

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