14 August, 2012


August 14, 2012

Is it anything else? Ramdev threatens to bring in nine lakh [and, on another occasion, fifteen lakh] people to Delhi, ostensibly to demand return of black money but in reality to flex his political muscle. Those doubting thomases out there must now be convinced of the man's intention. Indeed, of the entire anti-corruption and clean economy brigade.

In the end, Ramdev manages barely to rope in a few thousand people [far lower than he did the last time at RL Grounds, and by credible reports, many not well-to-do people enticed to Delhi by promise of free trip], protests for three days, and when this pressure tactic doesn't work and instead feels snubbed by the UPA [what more, the Home Minister leaves Delhi on the crucial day of ultimatum, for Assam with Sonia], he resorts to what is clearly a blackmail move? He marches toward Parliament, fully informed that he wouldn't be allowed to. So what next? Arrest, detention or deportation. This he believes will make him a martyr. But until this moment the Delhi Govt is not obliging him, acting wisely for now.

Who is the Baba to blame for landing in this unenviable situation? The last time he launched a stir, as many as five [or 6?] cabinet ministers visited him at the airport to placate him, to good humour him.. all ending up eventually in his being forcibly moved out of Delhi.

The cultured and informed people reading this page: did you hear his speeches at the RLG? Did you find knowledge, vision, sincerity or commitment in the man's words? Honestly would you have him as your leader? I am afraid, I, not in my lifetime.

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