14 July, 2012


July 14, 2012
There is so much written on this subject by both the believers and the scientific community [alright, Sam Kadri, 'disbelieving science community' ok!] that it has ceased to be of interest. But can this quest truly die down ever?

The trouble is while religion talks of soul [with the same fervour as it does, about the djinn, the angels, the devil et al] it doesn't define it, or its characteristics, cohesively. And no two explanations tally. For all practical purposes this is as good as denying it. Science plainly denies its existence beyond considering it as a chemical reaction or - for some - an electric charge.

. My simplistic analogy would be of a computer: dead, lifeless, almost purposeless.. until you switch it on! Instantly it 'acquires' a life of its own, complete with sight, sound, vision, even movement...

Most believers will scarcely challenge if I were to say Electricity is the 'soul' of this Computer.

So is the case with an even more complex Computer called the Human being. A biological computer - the very basic version of which is already in the laboratories.

What else goes off the body when a person dies? I am told the electric charge in our nervous system.

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