05 June, 2014


In my considered opinion it is important that we examine this issue in the context of religious interplay. After all if we charge Modi of communal polarization and if we have engaged in understanding Indian democratic exercise in its totality there is no way we can wish away religions and caste considerations and calculations.

I by no means imply communal polarization of Muslims, nor arraigning one community against another. That would be so, if one were talking of organizing a community AGAINST another

If this call for political strategy sounds like communal then all talk of reservations for Muslims, Sachar Committee, Muslim reform, should become communal per se. I have devoted a part of my life to Muslim empowerment. Am I communal therefore?

For instance if I finally suggest that Muslims should be charged to attempt religious reform, moderating Islam a la Ata Turk, as a political strategy, how do I say this without talking of Muslims as a religious grouping? Or if one were to say that Muslims ought not to have gone for AAP wholesale in some pockets would it be communal?

It is day-dreaming for us to talk of Indians as a monolith in political context for this thread. We are talking of defeating the designs of a political dispensation that has organized a section of Hindus along religious lines against A COMMUNITY over-riding caste and regional sub-divisions. Now, this thread seeks ideas for this community to explore how best it can counter such polarization. And these ideas may come from Hindus, Sikhs, Christians as well. What is communal about it?

Yes, our strategy cannot just comprise of creating a charter for Muslims. Much else has to be done. But this thread is about what MUSLIMS CAN AND SHOULD DO in the times to come.

Of course, one suggestion can be for Muslims to align with concerned sections of Hindus and others of their constituency and create awareness of the dangers of such polarization.

Please put forth ideas for what MUSLIMS should be doing in the coming months and years to defeat the strategies like those of Modi.

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