06 June, 2014


We keep addressing issues specific to various communities on this forum. By definition, for instance, the term "Hindutva" refers only to Hindus. Muslim jihadis is about Muslims. Communal politics of Modi specifically related to his communal stance against Muslim and Christian minorities [and not against Jain, Sikh and Parsis]. Muslim poverty is about Muslims, as is Sachar Committee report. And so on. This does not make the comment or the writers communal in the least. On the contrary it allows focus on the specific aspect of the solution.

I sought to know if there can be a strategy for Muslims to follow collectively across India. One argument - and valid at that - can be that they are too divergent and varied to follow a common strategy. To this my question would have been: which is why I wonder how come Modi succeeded in getting a sizeable segment of as varied Hindus to do so.

Thus the debate is perfectly valid and consistent with our ethos. And we will continue to address these issues as such. And in so doing we have always drawn immense support from the members of other communities, and often produced constructive ideas.

I thank all the participants on this thread for their valuable perspectives.

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