15 August, 2012


August 15, 2012
In everyday statecraft governments clearly have to face myriad issues, some serious born of people's aspirations, some trivial born of leader's egos. Then they have the perpetual issue of guarding the borders and preserving sovereignty externally, and maintaining law and order internally. And responsible governments plan and work not just for today but also for prosperity, for nation building. [Or else who would care to check deficit financing?]

As the UPA has successfully managed the TEAM ANNA protest [that began on a sensible note but went overboard and haywire] and the Ramdev stir [that lacked credibility ab initio] it is likely to feel emboldened into complacence. And that would be a fatal mistake.

People do feel strongly on these issues, even if they themselves are no angels. On the whole, true nation building and Indian society's evolution demand that this economic menace is checked. Don't we respect the nations that rank low on corruption index? Don't they - consequentially - also rank better as just and fair societies?

Let us FBians reengage ourselves on these vital issues with our analyses, creative ideas and suggestions.

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