29 July, 2012


July 29, 2012

Are Muslims increasingly becoming the inhabitants of the camps? I should know the pain of living in the camps. I saw it personally at the 'riot relief camps' during the 2002 genocide in Gujarat. My book, KHITAB-E-NAU begins with an eye-witness account. [Book advertisement? No, not really; it is available for free on-line!]

Right now, thousands are camping at similar camps in Assam, the home state of the nation's Prime Minister.
If it is not communal strife it is the coup in one or the other African country, every other year. Or the 'revolutions' as in Syria. Or the sectarian killings as in Iraq or Pakistan. Then there are the famines, or the militia, as in Sudan and Nigeria and floods as in Bangladesh.

In the best of times Muslims are easily the largest - or amongst the largest - migrant groups of the world. Refugee camps, immigration camps, quarantined camps, health camps... are the other camps.

Not for them the holiday camps, mountaineering camps, safari camps...

Why? Why?? WHY???


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