02 June, 2014


I ask you to tell me in one emphatic YES or NO whether the following traits, taken together, are considered positive, desirable, in conformity with most religious and constitutional dictats and universally acceptable or not? Whether YOU like them or not?

• Never polarizing people along communal lines?
• Always being friendly to the minorities, specially, Indian Muslims and Christians?
• Being suave, polished, cultured and measured in language, never hitting below the belt, and never mouthing jibes?
• Being truly democratic, always consulting colleagues and evolving consensus?
• Being happily married, living with a doting wife and raising one or two responsible children?

NOW, please give your answer. YES or NO? Formed your answer? Now read on


Let us take Narendra Modi.

Does he possess these criteria? Inarguably NOT.

Now, imagine a Modi POSSESSING all of these traits.

You know what? He would then have ended up as a slightly above average politician, far behind Nitish Kumar, Chandrababu Naidu, Sheila Dikshit, Raman Singh et al.

Guess what won the day for him? NOT POSSESSING these traits that you thought were desirable.

Ponder. How infirm our democracy is.


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