29 July, 2014


Seeing the hapless plight of the Palestinians of Gaza, innocent people – young, old, women, men, children - being murdered inside their homes, offices, gardens and on beaches, their multi-story well-kept buildings reduced to smithereens, their roads, bridges, schools and even hospitals blown into pieces, in merciless bombing, by their hundreds, and seeing hundreds of thousands of civilians rendered homeless and migrant in their own land, the Muslims of the world in particular, and the people of conscience in general everywhere feel deeply outraged.

Yes, there is not much that this rage has been able to do, given the might of the Israeli military machine and the unceasing support of the unfair cop, the United States. Indeed, this rage has largely been impotent. But extreme rage they do feel. And these pictures of death and destruction are going to haunt their memories for decades. Some lives surely have been ruined never again to be repaired. No joys and hopes left at all for some. Tears, anger, sad memories and rage is all that will dominate their minds and thinking for years to come.

Imagine, in such a background, some Palestinian resolves to avenge the killings of his mother, sisters, daughters, his home and city, and single mindedly pursues science and technology and comes up with a weapon of mass destruction, some day in the future, and wreaks havoc on the people of Israel, its innocent children of today. The world then will blame that avenger as a terrorist, fanatic Muslim, Islamist, Jihadist et al. But can this insensitive world, including the government of India, fathom the pain of this young brutalized man today? Can they reach out to him today? Can they stop this blatant aggression against him, in his own lands, today?

A world that chooses to keep quiet today must remain a mute spectator tomorrow. It has no business to judge the conduct of the Palestinians tomorrow. There will be retaliation, there will be revenge. Sadly the victims will be another set of innocents. And thus the cycle of death and destruction will continue to haunt the humanity.

Let us not ridicule the impotence of Palestinians, let's worry about their
genuine rage.

The only way, therefore, is for all men of goodwill to rise in unison TODAY on the side of justice and truth, and to check the oppressor, regardless of how mighty he is. We must call for a permanent resolution of this decade long strife, by giving each party a safe and sovereign home, wherein they may dwell in security and with dignity.

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