08 July, 2014


[In reply to a FB Comment, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/peopleagainstcommunalism/permalink/264613693735098/

Unfortunately the thread has taken personal overtones. (All that Utpal Chattopadhyay wanted to say was that) Muslims do not welcome some Muslims participating in the religious ceremonies of other believers specially if that involves idol worshipping.

I very candidly acknowledge that Muslims do NOT accept such Muslims and such behaviour as welcome. Indeed the Muslim press shows them as stooges, mushriks et al.

But to set the record straight, it is incorrect to compare a Hindu praying to Muslim Gods with Muslim praying to Hindu God. It is as incorrect as to suggest that since a Muslim is very likely to eat at a Hindu's place without reservation and since the vegetarian Hindu would have plenty of reservation reciprocating, it implies that Hindus are less open to communal harmony. Come to think, both are actually following their own religions in their respective spirits.

For a Hindu it matters little if he includes one more God [Allah] in the pantheon and by doing so he wouldn't violate his faith. On the other hand if he were to eat beef he believes that hell would fall upon him, and so resists it.

On the other hand - considering that Islam places enormous importance on tauheed [singularity of God, here named Allah] for a Muslim to pray in a Hindu place of worship is nearly impossible while remaining within his faith, but eating vegetarian meal at a Hindu friend's place would make just no difference to his faith's observance.

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