07 August, 2014


Following the electoral victories of the right wing the little shame, restraint and decorum we used to see in the communal discourse is being rapidly eroded.

Time was when educated people would restrain echoing sentiments against a community, a religion, a class of people. The decent ones restrained even praising one's religion brazenly at the expense of another.

Gone with the winds... the bed room talk is now right in the drawing rooms, and the dining rooms, and into the clubs and restaurants, and the board rooms.

Now many, including sitting judges, professors, chairs of various statutory bodies, scientists, sports persons, artistes, writers and journalists.. openly mouth the erstwhile unspeakable half-truths. Tact and euphemism are no more necessary; wild allegations and innuendo are passe.

Time was when they would not openly praise infamous communal people. First they started bashing the others [Cong, AAP, SP, BSP, the Left etc as pseudo-secular, corrupt etc] and then praising the so-called development [that only they saw so vividly], then of the need to correct history, revisit the Congress era, etc. And now they openly talk of the so-called authentic Indian culture and values, ancient wisdom etc.

Bed room has arrived into the public domain, finally. Shamelessly.

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