30 August, 2014



An accusation is suddenly doing round that UP Muslim boys are enticing and eloping with Hindu girls, getting them converted to Islam and thus spreading Muslim population.. blah blah

From an analysis of the news it appears fair to infer that this is a calibrated propaganda to arouse communal passions and achieve communal polarization to garner Hindu votes for BJP.

Who in his sane mind can think that Muslims of UP have suddenly got emboldened to elope with Hindu Girls? And, that too, in Modi's premiership?

And what are they implying: that the Hindu girls have suddenly lost all sense of shame, and of belonging, to be able to elope with Muslim boys?

Think again. Doubly. Be sure you are not falling prey to a patently mischievous plan that has the potential of dividing first the state of UP and then slowly but surely the whole of India, along communal lines.

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