14 September, 2014


We have heard of Divide and Rule policy generally attributed to the British. To the BJP I attribute the Attack and Divert policy.

In the wake of the general backwardness and discrimination suffered by Muslims, and the need to ameliorate their condition - as pointed out by the Sachar Committee and the Ranganatha Mishra Committee Reports - and the recurring communal riots like Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar, Assam etc, and in the wake of the widespread distrust of the community in the paramilitary and police forces [on account of the inexplicably widespread detentions of Muslim youth - often only to be released by the courts after years] Muslims needed a lot of assurances. And the governments of the day needed to address these concerns and to work for redressing their grievances and for their empowerment.

Clearly not up to its taste, the BJP successfully sidetracks the nation's focus from these core issues, by raising the fictitious or unconnected issues such as Bangladesh Infiltration, ISI penetration amongst Indian Muslims, treatment of Kashmiri Pandits, Love Jihad, treatment of Hindus in BD and Pakistan etc.. virtually everything on earth except the main issue, putting the community on the mat and on the defensive. The victims are reduced to defending against alleged villainy!

With each such attack Muslims are left scurrying for cover - to defend themselves against such blatant and emotive accusations. 'Love Jihad' suddenly sends them for cover, with few asking how come Muslims even today cannot buy property in all but a few ghettos of most cities. Ditto for bank credit, business and supply contracts and tenders, school and college admissions et al.

Then the only concession Muslims will be asking is "Please absolve us of this blame; clear us of the accusation of Love Jihad"

And when this 'favor is granted', they are supposed to feel grateful and empowered. And while all their grievances remain unattended, the Hindus are made to believe that Muslims are appeased!

And thus grow both, the distrust between the communities and the Muslim backwardness.

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