17 September, 2014


Yesterday the brother of a recalcitrant employee barged into our office along with a local leader of VHP and two workers of Bajrang Dal. They demanded our explanation as to our HR policies. When our Chief Manager told that they should resort to lawful and legal means if they have any grievance, they retorted, in a meaningful and clearly menacing manner, that not everything happens according to law. Though we were very busy with some urgent work, we got the message clearly. They left firmly urging that we should call them for a discussion as soon as our current urgency is over.

Dropping appropriate names, they left us in no doubt that invoking law and resorting to police would not help us.

Now, we seriously apprehend that they will come in any day to create a ruckus using local musclemen.

This is the state of affairs in Gujarat even on a day the Prime Minister of India arrived to receive a head of neighbouring state! Imagine what must be the state of law and order in rural areas on ordinary days?

And if this is what prestigious, nationalist and law-abiding NGOs like ours have to face - right in the middle of the city - guess what private commercial enterprises must go through.

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