30 September, 2014


What exactly is vegetarianism? Eggs are vegetarian? Plants are? Milk is?
- The ancient and contemporary Hindu religious teachings on vegetarianism
- Some illustrious, believing Hindus who are/were not vegetarians
- The scientific justification for vegetarianism
- The moral and ethical case against non-vegetarianism
[rational, not emotional, please]
- The role of vegetarianism in malnourishment of our population
- The role of vegetarianism in our poor performance in games and sports
- The economic cost and viability of vegetarianism
- The historic role of non-vegetarian food in our evolution
- Reliable statistics on food preferences of Indian Hindus
- The impact of vegetarianism & non-vegetarianism on our environment
- Vegetarianism in non-Hindu populations
- The moral and ethical argument for vegetarianism, and, may be
- Are aliens more likely to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian or may have an altogether different energy input system?

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