04 October, 2014


From the playful comfort of our FB pages we tend to believe that life by and large is good and that where there is a little wrong we have rectified it with our power keystrokes. Off we go to our bath and bed, secure in our status quo that our democracy takes good care of its citizens us. Alas, it doesn’t always. Or not of every one of us.

Our security is briefly threatened when something devastating happens. Something like 2002 genocide, something like Binayak Sen, or Abdul Nasser Maudany [or Abdul Nasser Madani]

Even then we put on our glasses of bias and evaluate proceedings from our latent prejudice. Unless it hurts our set notions we fail to see the hopeless darkness of gross injustice.

For all its strides our republic leaves so much yet to desire; it fails to offer safeguards against even some basic tenets of governance and policing; it fails to protect life, liberty and security of people who rub the system the wrong way. Or who seem to threaten the status quo some way.

Lost and firmly entrenched in our daily routine of home-office-socializing we do not realize that just next door gory drama of conspiracy and murder may be taking place, some innocent may be getting booked intractably, some young man may be going to jail never to return until aged and infirm, for no fault of his whatsoever.

Not until this happens to US do we realize all is not well.

K P Sasi has painstakingly prepared this documentary to shake our complacence, focusing the case of the much maligned Abdul Nasser Maudany. He has shown how innocents can be framed by the network of communalists, the money bags, entrenched political class and the bureaucracy - using police, media and lower judiciary. How ‘demons’ and ‘terrorists’ can be produced through completely, ridiculously fabricated ‘evidence’ – and thereby how many innocent lives can be permanently, irretrievably ruined.

If you truly care about our republic, about the future of our society, about truth and justice, do spare an hour for this painstakingly made film. The sensitive, the honest, the truthful amongst you cannot emerge unscathed, undisturbed. And it is this agitation that is necessary to help shape ours into a fair society - playing by the rule of law. It is this that will prevent our nation from sliding into a banana republic.

Muslims who will cite this as yet another evidence of how innocent Muslims are being trapped and jailed on false charges, indefinitely, by communal Hindus, will do well to recognize that those who are taking enormous pains to expose this injustice, and to fight for justice, are also Hindus. Moreover, Naxalites, Dalits, Tribals, LGBT people.. are all other potential victims. We need to work together for a just society. For a truly proud nation of Tagore’ dreams.


The film directed by 
Sasi Kp deals with the issue of under trials and fabricated cases on human rights activists in India. My personal salutations to this man.

{I apologize that in our ignorance, and carried away by the 'mainstream media' even we may have condemned and maligned this man on these pages}

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