22 October, 2014


A 'gunman' opens fire at guards, kills one in cold blood, and enters the Canadian Parliament.

The word TERRORIST is now taken for granted to refer to a Muslim, a Jihadi or an Islamist - whatever you call them. But to a Muslim, for sure, as compared to any other community!

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau - a neo-convert to Islam - is said to have begun the shooting. He is reported to have been a drug addict before conversion.

Canada is one of those nations that have welcomed Muslims, have an open arm policy for immigrants, have not allowed anti-Islamic propaganda, have generally avoided Islamophobia.

In one fell swoop the foolish Muslim has undone all the good we may have carried there. Now Canada would legitimately discuss Muslim / Islamic terrorism. After all we returned our gratitude this way.

What is there in Islam or amongst Muslims that even converts take to violence so easily?
Who coordinates these attacks? To what end?
What benefits have ever fallen their way through these violent means?
Why is there so much violence by and amongst Muslims globally NOW?

How I wish every Muslim member on PAC ponders these questions and debates them without getting excited and attaching motives. How I wish we analyse this rising trend of violence and general return to medieval methods.

Lest I be accused of falling to the Western propaganda I am first appending the Al-Jazira footaage:




Please express yourself with due restraint, citing appropriate references for your opinions.

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