04 October, 2014


[In response to a FB post, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tahzeeb/permalink/801796976508062/

The NOT LETTING OUT houses was confined to this reason. Sindhis, and Hindu Bengalis, Maharashtrians, Punjabis have little difficulty finding such accommodation.

Aren't Hindus quite keen to find employment and business opportunities in the Middle East, Far East, and many other Muslim regions / countries? Aren't they co-existing with non-vegetarians all over the world? Why go there if they are serious about vegetarianism? Or why not co-exist with them back home?

People who do not let out houses to Muslims in Gujarat ALSO happen to side with the right wing, have voted Modi successively, have installed the first BJP government, have produced the icons of Hindutva including Advani, Togadia, Modi et al, have participated in the worst genocide of our times, have sent the largest contingents of kar sevaks to Ayodhya for a decade prior to Godhra, have funded the BJP nationally; incidentally they have also persecuted the Christians in the Dangs and other South Gujarat regions... They have also suppressed all leftist movements; there is little trade union consciousness, very little social reform trends et al

No Muslim that I know of who lived in the Western Ahmedabad [where once I lived, until ethnic cleansing took place] SACRIFICED animals in his house. [Most sophisticated Muslims contribute their share of money in collective sacrifices usually conducted in predominantly Muslim places where it is easier to find the butcher who is in great demand that day. It is called the Hissa]

Defending this behaviour of these Hindus is like defending the Taliban, the Boko Harams, and the IS..All these also cite their scriptures to silence dissent and sniff diversity.

Those who criticise Muslim qurbani, in all honesty, ought to criticise in general
A. All Non-vegetarianism
b. All religious rituals

Their selective criticism of this Muslim practice gives out their latent bias against things Muslim, specially since they have been informed of such sacrifices by Hindus, Jews, and virtually every other kind of people.

Ideally I will wish to opt for a completely vegetarian way of eating and clothing, extending my fullest compassion for all life forms, topped by my concern for my specie.

But I would want to do so not under duress, not under obligation, not to please some in authority - real or perceived - and certainly not at the cost of death and disease, malnutrition, under-nourishment et al.

In the mean time I will keep exploring approaches for that ideal lifestyle.

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