18 October, 2014


The one unmistakable, clear and loud message that emanated both from the recent Parliamentary elections and from this week's Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana is this:

INDIAN MUSLIMS STAND MARGINALIZED. Governments can be formed and run without them, despite them, and even against them!

Coming as it does, after several fact finding commissions convincingly proving rampant discrimination against them, and despite Gujarat genocide, the political isolation of Muslims is all the more hurtful and destabilizing.

While on the one hand it exposes the bankruptcy of Indian parliamentary democracy and its hallowed secularism, on the other it lays bare the impoverishment and at least the political 'dispensability' of Indian Muslims.

Indian adult-franchise based first-past-the-polls democracy has failed Muslims completely. This scenario is unlikely to change any time soon. They must now seriously revisit their approaches to their economic and socio-cultural emancipation through political participation.

Will this marginalization and isolation [not one minister in the entire cabinet of the GoI - considering that Najma Heptullah is a mere show-piece - and not one in Gujarat cabinet] lead to dejection, pessimism, indifference or separatism on the one hand or to reorientation, adaptation, refocusing and concentration on non-political strategy, remains to be seen.

All in all, one of the toughest phases, this one, in the lives of the Indian Muslims. They either fall back and behind more rapidly now on, or actually leverage this to make due course correction and focus their energies on constructive empowerment.

Your take on these developments please?

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