24 October, 2014


Yes, I am all for equality of all Indians. Nobody should be treated on a special pedestal. Why a separate personal law for them? Why reservations for Muslims in the jobs? Why this, why that?
Of course, as a fair person, you agree that this also means that nobody should be discriminated against , either. So let us start dismantling all structures of inequality and ensure PERFECT equality for all communities of India
a. Muslim’s political appeasement should be stopped immediately. They should have the same pro-rata influence and weightage, per voter, as Hindus. Which means proportional representation, equal and proportionate share in power, Assemblies and Central council of Ministers, all statutory corporations included. No more, no less.
b. Muslims should not have any extra share in bank credit, college admissions, government and public sector jobs, grants, subsidies, scholarships etc. They should have just proportional share. Any discrimination against Hindus - or perhaps Muslims – should be immediately corrected by effective, swift affirmative action.
c. The PM of India should not present only the Quran to visiting and visited Heads of States. He can also present the Gita. Indeed, all functions of the state, including the launching of projects and laying of the foundation stones should have more than just Fatiha [Islamic invocation], it should also have a havan or pooja.
d. All government offices including state funded educational institutions , police stations etc shall henceforth not just depict the photographs of the Mecca or Medina. They can also proportionately show photos of Hindu holy places. Any office not showcasing deities / holy places of all local religious communities must be punished.
e. The Hajj subsidy should be scrapped. Why should the state incur a cost on a religious activity? Ditto for all tirthyatras like AmarnathYatra, melas like the KumbhMela, RathYatra, Ganesh Pandals etc. All expenses incurred by the state on security, bandobast, traffic management, use of public spaces etc on all religious activities should be recovered from the respective religious bodies.
f. Muslim prayers should not be allowed to spill out of mosques and Eidgahs, on Friday or Eid days. Just as no permission should be granted for Ganesh pandals, Diwali cracker mandaps, navratri and Durgapoojamandaps, holihandis and bonfire etc. Henceforth the state shall not participate in, collaborate with or contribute to any religious activity.
g. This business of azan [prayer call of the Mu’ezzin] on the mike must be stopped. It disturbs public peace, and obstructs serious studies of our scholars. Likewise all sounds spilling out of the temples, ashrams and maths, navratrigarbhas and all types of pandals and fairs must be stopped. The sound of your mike must go not beyond the premises you own. The public places are to be completely neutral and secular, of course.
h. No special land plots of the state should be allotted to the Muslim religious, charitable, educational and recreational trusts. Indeed, all allotments made to ANY such trust of any religious community since the constitution of India came into force, should be immediately cancelled and be auctioned at market rates.
i. All mosques that have come up illegally anywhere must be demolished. Along with, of course, the temples, ashrams, muths, et al.
j. No reservations should be allowed in any jobs, admissions to colleges etc for any community or caste, including SC, ST etc except for economic backwardness
k. Muslims’s camels must not be allowed to scatter and clog the public roads, much less to litter there. Cows, monkeys and pigs too must be treated the say way. Every animal occupying public space or disturbing traffic must be seized and auctioned.
l. Non-vegetarian food must be banned from public offices. That includes egg and milk. Also Punjabi food must not be allowed in non-Punjabi states, Dosa-Idli should be confined to the south. In Western India to respect Jain sensitivity onion and garlic based foods must be proscribed

m. As these measures take hold, and Indians are trained in equal treatment of all, the beard and the burqa should also be banned. Including, of course, the tilak and other forehead markings, the threads of all kinds including Rakhi.

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