30 October, 2014


This day in 1984 began the pogrom that brutally killed over 3,000 and maimed several thousand more, completely innocent Sikh brethren in Delhi following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

India, the self-proclaimed land of sants and sufis, of ahimsa and vegetarianism, has been guilty of some of the worst genocides of earth in our times.

The killers were not just the politicians or the policemen. They included common, everyday men and women seemingly like you and me. Fellow Indians, to put it succinctly.

But going by the power shift and political trends there is little reason for us to hope that Guj-2002, much less Muzaffarnagar, was the last genocide we saw.

Meanwhile we at PAC stand in solidarity with the bereaved members of the Sikh community in particular, and the Sikhs in general.

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