02 November, 2014


Shahi Imam Bukhari drew immense flak - not the least from the Muslims - for his recent utterances and actions. But one cannot wholly fault his premise that Modi doesn't represent Muslims of India, that he is not equally fair to all religious communities, specially to Muslims, as seen by his conduct.

Today Modi delivered his 2nd Man Ki Baat radio broadcast. He started by saying that he is meeting people after Diwali and, therefore, offered his greetings.

Fine. What he forgot was that some Indians [around 18 crore, no less] also celebrated the Eid since his previous address. Why did he forget to greet them, also? Do they not matter to him? Does he not recognize them as fellow Indians? Does he disown them? Do their sentiments not matter to him? Does he not wish to secure their participation in the process of nation building?

If this is true, I declare that he is NOT my Prime Minister, he doesn't represent me, I do not share his pains and pleasures, and beyond the constitutional compulsions I do not feel obliged to follow him.

Do you? Even if you are not a Muslim, does he truly represent your approach to nation building?


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