19 November, 2014


"Our nonsense makes perfect sense to ourselves, but other's nonsense appears so visibly nonsensical that we do not hesitate a moment to check ours". Verily so!

From Nov 2 through Nov 12, 2014 we conducted the following poll citing some popular religious myths and sought their endorsement. The catch, though, was that we asked Muslims if they believed in Hindu and Christian myths, Christians if they believed in Hindu and Muslim myths, Hindus if they believed in Muslim and Christian myths.

Unsuprisingly they mostly DIDN'T!

[That some Muslims believed in Jesus's birth from virgin mother, and in his resurrection was not necessarily their endorsement of a Christian myth. Islam itself endorses these two versions. So essentially Muslims, too, merely believed Islamic myths.]

Now, someone HAS to be wrong. Either those that believe in THEIR own myths, or those OTHERS that disbelieve theirs! By the former logic we are always in the minority. By the latter logic most of humanity is wrong!

It is very instructive to see how our faith regulates our reasoning! Humbling, indeed!

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