08 November, 2014


Consider just these:
- Almost all significant appointments made in BJP regime post Modi elevation emanate from RSS.
- Modi pathetically illogical claims that ancient India had accomplished advanced aviation, plastic surgery, genetics and space.
- Swatch Bharat is indisputably desirable agenda and long ago UPA had already worked upon it. [I have been watching Amir Khan advertising on Doordarshan since several years.] We may similarly praise some of his other “to the people” drives. But notice the catch: Now the effective burden of delivery devolves upon YOU - not HIM. He becomes the neutral umpire and you the agent. How can you now blame him? [But then how could you blame the Congress, then, either?]. Whither the pre-poll claims I WILL do this, that and sundry?
Before the parliamentary elections when we liberals and rationalists and secular ones used to express these apprehensions some very knowledgeable people - whose true commitment to secularism I seriously doubted – would ridicule these fears as cynicism.
Modi as the master politician and a very clever opportunist, wears many hats. Simultaneously as PM he is selling himself as a visionary, a messiah, [some have already begun to rank him greater than Nehru and, ahem, even Patel!], pursuing an all-inclusive agenda.
On the other hand his choices are calculated and deliberate. They show a distinct design. His BJP chief is a murder accused, freed-on-bail proven Muslim-baiter. Haryana, Maharashtra, Goa Chief Ministers all come from RSS roots. RSS, a grouping that deserved to be banned in a ‘secular, socialist Republic’ with scientific temper and social justice as its guiding principle, in the manner SIMI was banned, is now supplying the nation’s PM, several states’ CMs and Governors.
Where are THOSE ‘knowledgeable’ pseudo liberals who worked to destroy the Congress? Clearly some of their hidden agenda is being satisfied. Some of them even propped support for AAP [not sharing AAP’s agenda one bit] merely to boost BJP’s chances. I dread these intellectuals more than the brazen Hindutvawadis. We have seen such a tribe destroying Muslims from within.
Some of us still rate an inefficient Congress better than this hard-working ruling dispensation. We do not share the celebrations of a resurgent India without huge reservations.

Which side of the fence do you stand?

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