22 November, 2014


Through this post - shared from Ilaj Group - I am reminded of something that always disturbed me, right from my childhood.

Whenever I used to visit the mosque [and until my adolescence I was an observant Muslim] I used to be horrified by the way the Namazis conducted Wazoo. The water washing their face and hands easily dropped into the tank. Some of them even used to dip their feet into the same tank while just two feet away another faithful comfortably used the same water for gargling!

I used to change mosques in favour of those that provided water tap, but they were then rare. Later on the tank culture gave in to water taps almost everywhere except for the 'traditional' and classic mosques.

I used to wonder why Muslims did not question such an unhygienic practice for 14 centuries, and how rapidly in the last five decades - in the wake of heightened awareness of health hazards, thanks to science - things began to change. 

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