17 December, 2014


They have done it again. Only this time incredibly brazenly, insanely inhumanly. Beyond all plausible and even outlandish rationale.
They came, they terrorized, they maimed, they killed. They killed the innocents. And they killed children who are deemed in Islam as innocent per se. And all this in the name of Almighty Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
I am not able to fathom the complexities of the brain of these marauders much as I try. Nor am I able to understand how those six or eight men that went about shooting school children with their deadly - and cowardly - guns could bear to see their bullets piercing the skulls of these lovely kids, the creations to please whom adults strive unendingly, the little heads that usually rested in the warm and indisputable security of the laps of their parents.
I cannot imagine how the memories of the innocence of their own childhood did not arise and held their fingers from clicking those deadly triggers on their guns.
I cannot imagine how their ears that heard those devastating shrieks of dying children did not go deaf. I cannot imagine how their eyes could bear to see blood oozing out of beings whose parents would spend sleepless nights on a little pin pricking their skin.
Those that could do this, of course, are not humans. But my dumb question: what are they? How they came to be.
[Yes, even on this thread some Learned Muslims will come to educate us on how this is not the first time and how the Nazis and their Hitlers, the Pol Pots et al did this too. And how the West, the World Bank, the Kyoto protocol and perhaps the global warming - all but their heinous ideology - are responsible for this madness...
Sometimes I am afraid of these apologists even more than of these fanatic barbarians]
You know what is the worse creature than the worst human? I think it is the FANATIC, the FUNDAMENTALIST, the COMMUNALIST, the CASTEIST. These demons are anti-human and they create all kinds of alibis for their inhumanity. I have met them during the Gujarat genocide.
In Pakistan innocence was brutally slaughtered today. By the devils that have no hearts, no eyes, no ears, no feelings. By robots programmed to kill, those that only see red. Inside and outside them.Red of the eyes, red of fires, red of blood.Those that rejoice death far more than living.
The only good that can come off this is for the Pakistanis in particular and the Muslims in general, to hate such men, their ilk and hopefully their ideology. And perhaps the societal complacence that produced and nurtured such blood-thirsty butchers.
Sadly, too, I noticed that the women and men that lamented their terrible loss also said something that explained in part how such men gained the strength and power to do such sick criminality. These wailing parents and husbands cried and complained: "Do not kill OUR children, OUR women".
No, dear sufferers, it is not OK to kill ANY innocent. Killing anybody is wrong. Was wrong.All the time.Even when they were not killing yours. We grieve in your loss but please examine where you provided them the strength.
84 children shot dead as Taliban gunmen storm Pakistan school

The attack, in Peshawar, started with the gunmen entering the school in the early hours and shooting at random, said police officer Javed Khan.

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