17 December, 2014


This is typical of the fanatics. The Soft Terrorists who act as the mouthpiece of the hardcore bloodthirsty gangs.. are the ones that want people's attention to be diverted from the real enemy within.

It is very important for each one of us to ensure that all our concerns, sympathies and solidarity with the bereaved families reach the average Pakistani. How may we do that?

For one, if one of you may draft a moving condolence - and highlighting the fact that an overwhelming section of Indian diaspora has expressed unreserved condemnation of the ghastly act and solidarity with the average Pakistani, - and if the members approve of the idea by a majority - on behalf of TAHZEEB I sill send it to the High Commissioner of Pakistan, or may be, to the People of Pakistan through the Prime Minster of Pakistan, and also release it to the Pakistani press.

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