25 December, 2014


Should the Muslims of India view the right wing assertion of Indian Hindutva in isolation of the affairs of the sub-continent? Will that help?
This man, Zia-ul-Haque, ushered in what is now called the Nizam-e-Mustafa to the complete negation of the 'principles of partition' [if I may call them so], and the assumption that India and Pakistan would deal with their minorities equitably and fairly. The state of Pakistan acted utterly against the interests of its Hindus and Christians while Pakistan's statesmen - and Indian Muslims - kept silent.
Did Pakistan act fairly? Is it logical and fair, then, to expect that this wouldn't have any impact on Indian Hindu's mindset?
I maintain that Muslims of India cannot get a fair share of Indian state unless the minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh get theirs in their states, too. In that sense, as well, it is in the interest of Indian Muslims to stand in solidarity with the minorities of these two countries. Besides, it is the call of decency and justice.

To be fair, how can #Muslims/Christians criticise reconversion ["gharvapsi"] unless the laws are violated? It is #‎conversion, too!

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