31 December, 2014


We hear a lot of noise against Aamir and his acted PK. Please consider the following:
a. Financier, Director, Writer, Producer, Dialogues, Distributors, Music maker, Screenplay writer and most of the actors are Hindus. Just one actor cannot be singled out for the whole film. And those Hindus are no enemies of Hindus, or have been known to be disrespectful of Hinduism. Hirani's 3 Idiots, Munnabhai MBBS, etc are celebrated movies. And why disrespect the judgement of those millions of cinegoers that spent a whopping Rs.200 crore watching the movie?
b. If most of Aamir's friends, characters, stories and business partners are [with and about] Hindus, what wrong if he were to choose the Hindu gods as the subject of his latest film. Isn't this consistent with his work and record?
c. Going by his SatyaMevaJayate series and patriotic advertising one ought not to suspect his integrity, and his love for India and respect for Hinduism. For all you know he may be genuinely concerned about the "Religious managers" amongst us all, specially amongst the Hindus. Should that be so, should we be thanking him or condemning? Will this misplaced criticism not take away from him his commitment to serve India and Hindus in the future.
d. Isn't the message of the film powerful and positive for the long term good of Hindus?
Does it remotely appear to be smacking of insult to Hinduism? [How I wish someone made such a powerful film about Muslim managers! I was so happy about the Pakistani films Khuda Kay LiyeaurBol were very critical of a lot of Islamic / Muslim practices but they turned out best grossers of Pakistan.
e. How can you morally fault the Salman Rushdie and TaslimaNasreen baiters?
f. I have seen the film and am positive that none of the people involved looked at the angel of insult to Hinduism. Indeed, there is enough to suggest that the film is critical of all religious managers. Yes the emphasis is on Hindus and Hinduism. But should it be different in a 80% Hindu country? Theoretically if he were to make an Islam-focused film and completely ignore Hindus, would that appear a greater commitment and love for India/Hindus?
g. If all Indians are Hindus, then why take away from Aamir the same rights that you grant to PareshRaval? How come OMG is ok but PK is not?
h. L K Advani has praised the film and hailed it as a bold attempt at reform. Remeber, until Modi's ascension you hailed him as the icon of Hindutva.
i. If Aamir gets demoralized and shuts up his SMJ series and other creative work will this serve the Hindus and India better?
j. Still if you feel bad about the film, just issue public appeals, even advertisements requesting people NOT TO WATCH the film. But how can you damage the theatres, intimidate the audience and the artistes and physically obstruct the movie? Is there something called the rule of law?
k. If Muslims remain isolated and ghettoized you blame them for not working with the mainstream, but if they do, you want them to operate with ghetto mentality. What would they do?

Please examine the veracity of these statements and reconsider your opposition to a film that I believe will only enhance Hindu good.

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