07 January, 2015


They have done it again. These barbarians, these medieval crusaders of 21st century, these fanatics and lunatics have done it again. They have shamed Islam, Muslims and humanity - at one stroke.
I call myself a cultural Muslim. Even that heritage is being taken away from me, murder by murder, attack by attack. I am being made to feel ashamed repeatedly for their acts of barbarism.
Muslim brethren: If they are Muslims are you a Muslim, too? If their creed is Islam, is yours, too? If they justify these killings, do you, too?
Then why don't you proactively, vociferously denounce these dastardly acts? No, you cannot remain neutral, mute spectators. If you do, you are conniving with them. Or you are NOT Muslims and do NOT practice Islam.

I don't practice Islam but have been proud of its cultural heritage. And I declare that such barbarism is not a part of that heritage that I celebrate. Hence I denounce these violent people unequivocally as not having any relationship with me and my cultural heritage. They deserve death. And all of their ilk do - quite like anyone else guilty of that criminal behaviour.

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