02 February, 2015


Two Questions:
- How many Muslims have been killed in India by the Hindus since 2002?
- How many Muslims have been killed in Pakistan by the Muslims since 2002?
Without much analysis I can safely say the latter killings far outnumber the former killing.
Now, let us ask these:
- Who should the Muslims be more worried about?
- Who should the Muslims be taking steps to protect from?
- And, more importantly, why do Muslims kill Muslims, within the same country?
These questions appear to me essential to understand the dynamics of killing, per se.
Communalism - as a Hindu-Muslim conflict - pales into insignificance before casteism. [On another plane I equally well realize that inter-caste conflict amongst Hindus is far more serious than intra-faith problem]
But I wish this thread to focus on Muslim killings alone.
I am an Indian Muslim with a degree of credibility. And I AM RAISING THIS QUESTION, on my own, not on behalf of the Hindutva.
Does that make it relevant, pertinent, sensible, impartial and fair?
If Iran and Syria killed 'lakhs' of Muslims, that only reinforces my question, indeed.
If ostrich like hiding beneath the sand serves someone's purpose it may well do, but doesn't help address the issues and resolve the dilemma of the community.
I further expand my question: why do more Muslims NOW seem to kill each other than the members of any other community appear to do?
Some people like and admire me when I bash up the Hindu right wing but instantly show scorn and question my credibility when I apply the same humanistic yardstick to Muslim fanaticism.
Let them beware: I am a seeker of truth and justice and am not the agent of one community to another.
IqbalLatif Internecine wars of Islam are not recorded as a kill - their is no genuine interest.
The faithful are not interested, when the necks are butchered by the bros - in between bros it doesn't matter.
Didn't you notice what a Rip Van winkle of a sleep the faithful slept for 136 days when Daesh launched their horrors on Kobani on the descendants of Saladin Ayubi.
Interestingly these were same liberals who were going hoarse maddeningly where '11000 poop alfajr missiles of Hamas' were being countered by Israel in the recent 38 days unwarranted war. That ended with a 5 billion infrastructure loss fir poor Gaza. Why for what was achieved? no one can tell me - the war could have stopped on similar terms on the third day by Sisi

In Kobani they were quiet lye watching the massacre. If it is a Jew or an Anerican or a Russian or a Hindu it is a problem otherwise it is OK. 

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