28 February, 2015


This day 13 years ago, following the mysterious massacre of 57 Hindus in Sabarmati Train the previous day, ostensibly by the Muslims of Godhra, in an orchestrated manner nearly 3000 innocent Muslim children, women and men were killed, hundreds of women raped, several thousand human beings maimed and property worth hundreds of crores of rupees gutted throughout Gujarat.
Most of the players of this dance of death remain out of bound for the law. Some of those that had to be apprehended, thanks to an agile electronic media and subsequent sting operations, are being set free systematically.
The CM of the state won two more terms, and eventually rose to be the PM of India and his aides are occupying positions of glory and power. Duty-conscious policemen are to date paying a heavy price for listening to their voice of conscience.
Initially compensation as ridiculous as Rs. 750/- was paid for an entire house gutted, on Court orders and centre’s intervention it was hiked. Justice, however, still remains elusive with the big cat not even touched. Nay, rewarded.
1. Do we have an effective judiciary and justice delivery system? 
2. Is our nation a mature law-abiding democracy with fair citizenry?
3. Is our police secular?
4. Why are our voters so polarized that they actually rewarded the villains of peace?
5. Do Muslims recognize that all their bĂȘte noire [Modi, Bush, Blair, Netanyahu..] have had more than their share of glory and power and that Allah did not punish any of these? And, if so, why?

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