21 February, 2015


 From the beginning this story raked of exaggeration and fabrication, like most stories of encounters usually are.
. In the name of NATIONALISM every falsehood passes. As in the name of religion. I refuse to buy non-truths in either name. 
We should be naive to not realize that the poor DIG has been PULLED up and forced to retract. This happens every day in the establishment. Or else what is all this oath taking and secrecy business all about?
 I do not believe that national security lies in falsification of facts, lies and distortions. In the long run a truthful nation is what I see India emerging as. Incidentally today's IE makes that point better
nationalism superior to truth; Not sifting fiction from facts, games of governance from serious journalism, manifest distortions and logical fallacies from obvious facts. 

That is NOT my cup of tea. To you your love of government. To me my quest for truth as best I can seek from resources available to me. 

And in this story there is plenty to suspect that the government fouled up massively. Credibility of my nation can't be subjected to the short sighted tricks of the government in power. 

You may choose to forget that fake encounters of 'terrorists' alleged to have arrived from Pak to murder Modi wrote the history of Gujarat during the early reign of the neo-Mughal. Until the SC chose to appoint a Commission of Inquiry. After which all of a sudden Pak stopped sending such squads. Not for me such a luxury.

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