04 June, 2015


Muslims, arise, awake and shake yourself up. Read the writing on the wall. And feel that rapidly spreading hatred, anger, indifference or at least disconnect, for you, amongst the communities of the world.

The average Hindu of India not only dislikes you but holds you guilty. A flood of hatred is awaiting a suitable spark of mischief to burst.

Undoubtedly some humane, generous persons stand up for you here and there, even now. Don’t be taken in by this, because the average person feels dejected with you. Don’t be cheated by the “news” of the world rapidly converting to Islam. Nor by the one that Khilafat is going to reign. The truth is just the opposite.

And all of this is not merely due to communalism and Islamophobia, but largely due to your own mad, fundamentalist, jihadi brethren. Less due to Hindutva, Crusaders and Zionists, and more due to the excesses of the Muslims themselves. 

Arise, and destroy the enemy within, that they are none but the harbingers of your destruction, before the times consume you or your vulnerable brethren.

Be just so that you may seek justice, be kind so that you may claim kindness. Be partners of humanity so that it partners you, too.

Or keep sleeping, waiting further, for miracles, until the very survival of Muslims and of Islam come into grave existential crisis.

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