11 June, 2015


I practice ‪#‎Yoga everyday. Indeed, we 'introduced' Yoga in the Asia's largest Muslim ghetto of Juhapura, through many training camps held in our MUSKAAN PARK. Hundreds of ‪#‎Muslim men and women learnt Yoga through these camps - way before Delhi smelt Modi. I think those that oppose Yoga - save for aasanas like Surya Namaskar - are ignorant of the immense benefits of this science.
But the ‪#‎sycophancy I see of "Muslims" queuing up before BJP leaders with manifestos and declarations of affirmation, endorsing Yoga, to please them makes me feel utterly ashamed.
From their plump, unshapely bodies I can tell they never do Yoga. And from their supine sycophancy I can tell they are not Muslims. And from their shameless opportunism I can guess they are not gentlemen, either.

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