30 July, 2015


- ‘Oh! God, he is doing IT’, shouted someone
- ‘Of all the persons HE is doing it’, exclaimed another
- ‘No, I can’t believe HE would be doing it’, told the lady 
- ‘He should not be doing this NOW’, told the wise one 
- ‘Why is he doing IT?’ Asked the editor
- ‘He ALWAYS wanted to do it’, replied the journalist 
- ‘But why, why of all the persons, is HE doing it - and NOW?’, asked his old friend
- ‘He must have taken MONEY to do it’, decreed a neighbour 
- 'No, he must have been COMPELLED to do it’, reasoned another one 
- ‘I wouldn’t dream of doing IT’, asserted his partner
- ‘He should NOT be doing it’, sermonized the clergyman
- ‘At least he should not be doing it PUBLICLY’, politician’s advice followed
- ‘But why, WHY is he doing it at all?’, persisted the editor.
‘Because I #‎WANTED to do it’ replied he, with complete calm and poise.
[Isn’t someone wanting to #‎do something - as long as the law doesn’t prevent him from doing it - sufficient reason for you to #‎accept him doing it?]

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