02 July, 2015


These homosexuals r not born homos they become homos in this society with the carelessness by their parents,they did not watched [sic] properly since their childhood,"

Clearly anyone who studied human biology, and understood elementary evolution ought to know and believe otherwise. 

Incidentally, while citing Quran or Gita or Bible is welcome this adds no unquestionable credence to the argument on this platform, as reason is all it values supreme. 

Several arguments devoid of reason, logic and scholarship came up here against homosexuality based solely on religious text, in brutal violation of human rights. By that reason, one may ask:
- by whose version of the Quran?
- by whose book of religion? Bible, Gita...
- why shouldn't the Hindutva judge you from THEIR viewpoint, based on their own religious text?

To your Admins reason, science, human rights, and constitution come ahead of religious text. And this is how this forum is going to remain. Those that are uncomfortable with this order of precedence are on the wrong platform. You like it or not, we are not going to change our policy.
The only simple rule I personally follow in general is that as long as two adult, sane, responsible individuals do anything that doesn't hurt a third person, it should be left to them, as far as possible.
And Muslims must cease to be the cops of the world, judging them, their faith, beliefs, conduct and rituals as long as these do not hurt other human beings. Muslims ought to put their house in order. 

I notice that a majority of anti-homo writers on this thread described themselves with a sectarian denomination of their Muslimness. How do they judge the other Muslim sects, by the way?
Some short-sighted people seem to forget that 
- all marriages are wrong from the point of view of some others: cousins and perhaps uncles are allowed in Muslims, for example, but disallowed in most Hindu sects; they are as shocked at this as some seem to be about homosexual behaviour. Polygamy is sanctioned in Islam but most other major religions consider this taboo. Mutta is ok with most Shias but most Sunnis abhor it. So whose religion, and in it, whose version is to be trusted for good? And why?
- conventional marriage may appear normal to most of us. But from puritanical and brahmacharya perspective they are wrong, too. What business do we have to call them stupid?

Why sex between parents and children should be considered wrong additionally is because it exploits a relationship of trust and guardianship. Children in such situation cannot be expected to have offered free and informed consent

Would someone please care to inform when the institution of marriage was born? Versus, how long does humanity date back to?

In absence of a fool proof, conclusive and universally acceptable faith-based solution, which will remain divisive, by definition, we best resort to human rights based solutions, even if they remain imperfect.

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