27 July, 2015


I have had interns [Graduation and PG students] for nearly a decade coming from Indian and foreign universities, and staying at my house. The following observations are generally true although sterling exceptions were available, too.

1. Foreigners – specially Americans and Europeans, even Chinese – were usually more honest and truthful in everyday conversation than their Indian counterparts. They were also more forthright, less hypocritical, more straight forward and less vague about what they wanted and how.
2. Europeans did still carry some degree of patronizing attitude towards Indians. Latin Americans adored Indians. Americans were kind of ok.
3. Indians clearly showed a huge bias towards the white-skin and virtual disdain for the black. 
4. Even Chinese lived in greater luxury for the same standard of income and station in society, than Indians.
5. Indian parents were far more protective, and far less trusting, of even their adult university children. And educated Indian girl is far, far more accountable to her family than her foreign counterparts
6. Girls usually performed slightly better than boys in matters of knowledge and its application. 
7. Most Indian girls were not able to cook while foreign males and females knew survival cooking
8. Most foreigners usually lived in greater clutter, bathed less frequently
9. Foreigners in general behaved more professionally and followed agreed discipline more meticulously.
10. European students seemed to possess better grounding in foundational knowledge and appeared more widely interested than the Americans and even Indians. 

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