28 July, 2015


- Not a word against heinous genocide of 2002
- Brazenly patronized perpetrators rather than rebuking them
- Went to great lengths to appease the Hindutva while shunning all invites from activists
- Patronized and partnered with all kinds of Godmen and gurus, irrationally
- I also did not find any great scholarship in his writings
- Friends in science establishment tell me while he was a good man, patriotic and dedicated, he was not a brilliant scientist.
To his goodness, humility and people connect I offer salams
My cumulative response:
I wouldn't even know if he knew that he was being used politically [as described vividly by Asma NA] but that would make him naive.
I do know that he was at the beck and call of Gujarati leadership after 2002, providing them with much needed legitimacy. He visited the state and participated in several silly functions of the establishment, of Swaminarayana muth, of many other gurus and ashrams.
But never did he attend any of the human rights activists, and critics of the genocide. And he had the cheek to offer platitudes to Muslims. Never did he chide the state govt for not giving compensation, ensuring justice for the victims etc. for repeated fake encounters when he was the President. After all, wasn't he the President for Muslims, also? Didn't he owe as President to the people of India to ensure justice for one and all? Constitutionalism for one and all? Adherence to law for one and all?
Very senior scientists told me that he was an average scientist but was honest and dedicated. He was rewarded bypassing some more brilliant ones due to his remaining an establishment man
Several of us have raised these points earlier. But remaining silent today while paeans are being sung would raise the question tomorrow "why not then?"
Which of his writings would rank as world class literature? What scientific spirit did he contribute to the nation? What critical and rational minds did he ignite?
He talked like a religious guru or an ex general or a local political leader or a good, benevolent teacher. And I am conceding that readily. And thousands of others do that everyday.
I wouldn't concede to him any more than he deserved.

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