31 August, 2015


Celebrated Karnataka litterateur and historian, Sahitya Academy Award winner, iconoclast and eminent rationalist, M M Kalburgi was shot dead outside his home in Dharwad on 30th Aug 15.

Did Bajrang Dal murder him? Did the Naxalites kill him? Probably and Unlikely, respectively.

But in a larger sense Kalburgi was murdered by many. And several times, over and over again, mercilessly.

  • I killed him by remaining quiet on numerous occasions for my security and comfort when the call of truth demanded that I stood up and spoke out.

  • Modi murdered him when he told India’s leading industrialists that plastic surgery was used for Ganesha’s trunk and that we have had airplanes five millennia ago

  • The Congress killed him by siding with Muslim League and Owaisi’s MIM

  • The BJP keeps killing him brutally every day by being BJP and through its alliance with the likes of Shiv Sena, and patronage of Yogi Adityanaths and Shakshi Maharajs

  • The Talibans killed him when they brutally attacked Malala, and killed Taseer and Shujaa

  • VHP killed Kalburgi even before he was born. The saffron alliance aborts Hindu rationalists at conception

  • India TV kills Kalburgi everytime it telecasts programmes promoting superstition & blind belief sensationally.

  • Asaram, Sri Sri Ravi, Ramdev, even Sankaracharyas.. Zakir Naik, Imam Bukhari.. suffocate Kalburgi to soft death, routinely, with their voices devoid of reason.

  • The police and the investigative agencies killed Kalburgi every time they failed to book the murderers of Dabholkars

  • The judiciary wounded him so often when it looked the other way when reason was trampled at the altar of jingoistic nationalism, dharma, sanskriti, tradition..

  • ISRO killed him when they took a model of the Chandrayana to the Tirupati temple for blessings

  • The dargahs of Ajmer and Delhi, the Temples of Kashi, Mahura, the Vatican, and the Golden Temple.. the wailing wall and the laughing Budha.. sniff life out of him by breathing in new life of ‘faith’ in the minds of the credulous believers.

  • The millions of our primary teachers kill infant Kalburgis everyday by silencing their curiosity and stalling their inquiry

  • Many a child is killed by their parents in the name of tradition, samskar, obedience, good behaviour…In each lives a tiny Kalburgi, only to die prematurely

  • The Right kills him because it deems itself the Right. The Left kills him because it is not Left enough.

You will kill him, too, yet again, if you remain silent even after this and do nothing to promote reason, rationality, inquiry, nor challenge superstition, blind faith, fanaticism.


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