23 October, 2015


We have often heard the lament that Muslim boys elope with Hindu girls. This obnoxiously implies that the Hindu girls are ever so ready to elope with Muslim boys.
Although we can cite hundreds of examples of Muslim girls marrying Hindu boys, we can explain why more Hindu girls are likely to marry Muslim boys than Hindu boys marrying Muslim girls.
It can be assumed that typically about 90% of the city is occupied by Hindus while only about 10% of its geography is under Muslim habitation.
This means that more Muslim boys are likely to travel through Hindu areas than vice versa. Also consider that fewer Muslim girls are likely to be going to college or working than are Hindu girls. Moreover Muslim girls are likely to be more conservative and less liberal than their Hindu counterparts in connecting with the opposite gender.
Statistically this means that Muslim boys are likely to connect proportionately with more Hindu girls than are Hindu boys likely to connect with Muslim girls.
Thus even if both communities have similar sex appeal the chances of "Hindu girl - Muslim boy" pairs are statistically much higher.

The situation would likely be so in, say, Egypt between Muslim majority and Christian minority etc.

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