09 November, 2015


[Not that all of you need this reminder. But some most certainly do.]
You undoubtedly face considerable distress in post-partition India. But remember that such aberrations have happened throughout history - and virtually in every region. And you and me are not the only victims. Women – almost everywhere – are, and have for a long time been. Dalits have suffered long and hard. The young Brahmins are needlessly having to pay for the excesses of their forefathers. Minorities in some Muslim countries are much more distressed. And so on.
All said and done, however, Indian state, its constitution and its democratic polity have built in some mechanisms – thanks to the statesmanship of the founders of the Republic – that seem to succeed in containing damaging politics and facilitating correction. And Bihar elections is not the only example in recent times.
The people of India [read Hindus] have often produced surprises, pleasant and hopeful. The bulk of its intellectuals and civil rights activists have generally stood up and spoken for you. Together they have helped moderate its polity and checked the extremists.
Overall Indian constitution, its democratic institutions, the goodwill of India’s secular majority and the emerging order of international human rights consciousness are your safety nets, your ladder to self-fulfillment. They confer upon you several rights – inherent and acquired – and equally, cast upon you reciprocal obligations.

Review your situation, young friends, revive your hopes and rejoice. Simultaneously work to cultivate a strong sense of purpose, urgency and of duty. Ultimately your attitude, behaviour and productivity will provide the sole long term guarantee for your empowerment and happiness.

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