25 November, 2015


I wanted to leave India - nay, HAD to think of leaving India - after resisting this temptation for long, when I had lucrative monetary offers in my prime as a forex banker - in the wake of the incessant communalism of Gujarat culminating in the genocide of 2002.
Despite having taken the PR of a Western Nation I gave up and stayed back on the call of duty, impressed upon me by some great Indians [incidentally, mostly Hindus] to work for promoting harmony and to fight communalism. [FB groups is one such initiative]
I received a lot of love and understanding of a great many Hindu patriots and great humans whose friendship shall always be my privilege. I am proud for having stayed back. And I am not going anywhere else. Not to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia at any rate.
But I have been living virtually like a second grade citizen: no property in Hindu [mainstream] areas, no inherent and inalienable rights on the ground, no unshakable sense of security, no emerging signs of secularism strengthening, or of people by and large feeling my pains, nor any visible state directions towards a scientific and rational society.
I empathize with Aamir Khan unequivocally and request you to examine it from our point of view.

I urge you to ask not why he SAID what he said, but ponder why they HAD TO FEEL so.

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