02 December, 2015


A rape most heinous took place last week. Another life was devastated. Another family was traumatized. One more girl will never again trust men. Once again I am shamed for my specie.
And this barbarity became another entry on the crime data base of one police station. A mere entry. That is the sum total of so many lives irretrievably altered.
The 18+ cute, slim, frail daughter of my friend had to visit a metropolis to attend the last rites of her departed uncle. Late evening she had to fetch some stuff urgently. As no store was close by in that suburban area, she hailed a taxi – one of the city’s thousands – and asked to be taken to a mall.
The 35+ driver probably made out she was new to the city and drove her into a desolate spot, locked the cab from inside and gagged her. Unmoved by her pleas, unaffected by her frailty, this biped released his ugly poison inside this sweet, flower of a girl - forever trampling the zest, confidence, faith and optimism of a budding, promising, innocent, confident, optimistic girl. He dropped her out and fled, potentially never to be booked.
Sure, he faced his wife, mother, sister, perhaps even his daughter – whether as a ‘good, pious man’ or even as a family-rapist. And in good tradition of family honour no one would complain. He lives and may well live a whole life in that or another city.
In her grief and urgency she had not taken the car registration. All she could give the police was the description of the brute. A sketch was drawn. And will probably rot in the myriad files of the cops. The FIR names no one, describes potentially many!
Another potential rapist is at large. Another gullible, optimistic girl is walking into one of the myriad traps laid out by our society; likely to fall prey to his lust.
And life goes on as if nothing happened. Temple-bells continue to tinkle and offer aartis to Gods that failed to protect their faithful. Mosques continue to invoke the supposedly unlimited mercy of Allah. People continue to go about their business in this dev-bhoomi.
For one girl, at the least, life can never be the same again. Even if she pretends to take it in her stride.

And not for me, either.

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