31 December, 2015

Miscellanea [01 Oct., 2015 - 31 Dec., 2015]

Islam is said to prescribe stoning to death as the punishment for #rape. Many regard this as barbaric. This punishment is universally condemned despite the heinousness of the original crime.
Yet at Dadri, near Delhi, in this day and age, a man was STONED ['bricked', literally] TO DEATH for allegedly eating #beef.
If our conscience doesn't militate against the killers, and against those that seem to endorse this, or dilute the criminality of this barbarism, and against the environment that has fostered this hate, will we ever be able to condemn terrorism up-righteously?

This is the most often repeated assertion of the Muslims. Surely most of this is well meaning. Sadly this often also serves as an alibi for denial of blatant acts of terrorism.
Why not ask, instead, "why is there so much terrorism amongst Muslims, DESPITE Islam's injunction?"
Clearly Muslims are NOT momins. So what good has Islam done to them?
Or there are teachings that the men in power can misuse to sell terrorism.
You decide.

19 November 2015


"'No Ground Forces by the 
#West to fight the #IS' indicates their cowardice and fright of the IS daredevils."

Well, may be, just may be, that these democracies value the lives of their human-soldiers a little more than the rest of us do. And, may be, just may be, that their #technology-soldiers are adequate enough to tackle the menacing brave-hearts.

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