07 December, 2015


Let's first admit some truths:
- The perpetrators were Muslims, Jihadists, Islamists or what you may call.
- The victims were selected randomly, were absolutely innocent and did not deserve to so die
- These Muslims were Terrorists as their actions were outright terrorism
- These Jihadists drew their inspiration from a section of Islamic teachings.
- In doing what they did they were inspired by their religious persuasion and had no material considerations 
- These teachings do constitute part of Islam
- There are many amongst the Muslims who readily align with them and treat them as heroes and regard their actions heroic
Thereafter, if you are speaking for Muslims unlike these, and like me feel strongly against these actions, go reach out to the victims and to the world at large, apologizing for the actions of these few and ask how you could mitigate their suffering - and go and mitigate. At least do something visibly and forcefully to ensure that such devils are not born, nurtured, protected or sheltered in your neighbourhoods.
Now, to those right wingers amongst the non-Muslims, who use these incidents to browbeat Muslims at large:
- Despite these heinous acts, Muslim terrorists constitute a very very tiny percentage of their 1.7 billion
- There are 'n' number of disputes unresolved for decades that keep the pot of Jihad boiling, offering convincing ground for their fanatic preachers, to inspire avengers. 
- Muslim societies were colonized for long leaving a legacy of deprivation and plunder. 
- Greed for Oil leads to ugly, complicated, vexed networks of mischief makers that prop, support and sustain hypocritic, diabolical power brokers amongst Muslims, preempting the rise of liberal and democratic leadership
 - Such elements existed and do exist in each community to some degrees
And now to these Jihadis, Islamists, and other Muslim right wingers:
- you have brought nothing but shame, humiliation, defeat, suffering and pain to Muslims in particular and to humanity in general. Islam, for all its proclaimed blessing for the mankind, is giving nothing but insecurity and pain to the humanity due to your actions.
- you are the worst scum of the earth, if you kill the innocent to earn a place for yourself in the paradise, and also those of you who support, endorse or forgive them. You are selfish to the core, arrogant, ignorant and brute. 
- You are not even basically decent humans: you cut the hands that fed you, ruined the countries that sheltered and harboured you, shamed the people that nurtured you, harmed the societies that fostered you. You left your parents, children and other relatives in perpetual suffering, shame and harm due to your selfish agenda of pursuit of paradise.
And now to the Humanity as a whole:
- Blind faith is what inspires such barbarism. And faith does tend to get blinded at some point, given a suitable mixture of injustice and frustration.
- All faiths tend to exclude others, exercise hegemony over truth, and perceive their own believers as messiah and the rest as the pariah
Therefore, join hands together 
- To work for a rational, humane society, driven by reason, law and order
- To erase injustice and unfairness; to provide level playing field, to heal the wounds of colonialism, imperialism and cold war history fast
- To promote democracy, liberalism, progressiveness amongst Muslims through education, ICT and other secular outreach

I on my part offer apologies to the victims of California mayhem, as I did to those of the Paris carnage. I shall forever work to challenge, prevent, preempt, and punish these dastardly elements, wherever I see them, in whatever shape, colour, race, religion or uniform they come, to the extent of my modest capabilities..

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