03 January, 2016


Any penance will, of course, not bring Farkhanda back, but may, perhaps may, preempt another Farkhanda falling to the stones of the faithful.
Watching these barbarian killers I asked how debasing, inhuman and barbaric, faith can make of perfectly normal looking men [brothers, fathers, sons...]
If this video is a faithful account of the incident, I ask the faithful Muslims the following questions:
a. If the killers acted out of genuine / permitted religious dictat - assuming that Farkhanda did desecrate the Quran as alleged - do you [addressing the faithful Muslims] endorse their action? If you don't, what punishment would you have recommended against them for taking the law into their hands?
b. If she was innocent, what punishment do you propose for the killers - and against how many of them? Do you concede, too, that either these faithful were particularly a bunch of barbaric criminals or that faith in general can make monsters of men, if followed without a conscience?
c. If you concede that these hundred odd killers and their supporters are Muslim believers, are you disturbed that so many of you have turned so cruel, so insensitive to human pain, so disrespectful of human life, and so arrogant to play God?

d. What actions do you propose to completely eradicate such cruelties from our midst?

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