29 January, 2016


Yes, the following features of Islamic state endear it amongst not just its citizens but throughout the world, despite a few Islam-haters and Islamophobes desperately propagating false rumours against such a state:
- The people from all around the world queue up to seek immigration to it.
- There is fairness in everyday governance throughout the state
- The delivery of justice is transparent, effective, swift and just in Islamic state
- Corruption has not even entered the borders of the state. The corrupt have long since been exiled and dethroned.
- The non-Muslims of a Islamic state are so happy with its governance that they not only don’t want to ever leave it, but are harassed by their foreign relatives to facilitate their immigration
- Nations throughout the world vye with one another to open their embassies and consulates through the length and breadth of the state despite the Zionist propaganda against it
- Its head, the Khalifa, is so easily accessible that people forget parliamentary democracy. He is so honest and scrupulous that he is virtually revered and loved, reminiscent of the early Islamic khilafat-e-rasheda or the rule by the pious
- As a result of firm and fair law and order, justice and resulting peace, the prosperity of its citizens rises rapidly, threatening the applecart of entrenched interests
- The state has no visible presence of police and military. People learn to abide by the law instinctively. The wrong doers fear stiff punishment and no-nonsense justice
- Contrary to the vulgar and much taunted feminism of the West, girls and women of the Islamic state, in particular, enjoy unparalleled sense of dignity, pride and empowerment. They occupy amongst the highest echelons of power as God’s truly equal creature. Forget rape, eve-teasing is out of the question. No one dare glance at an unwilling girl. 
- The rapid wealth generation is accompanied by a frenzy for learning – as if a long suppressed people have broken free of intellectual slavery. Almost every kind of literature is imported, translated and digitized in the state. Libraries and laboratories come up at a pace matched only by its expanding infrastructure of industries, roads and houses. 
- No, the Islamic state would not forget the Islamic legacy of lush, large, exquisite gardens, open freely to the people, high and low alike, in true spirit of Islam. It also rapidly constructs public utilities like hostels and hospitals, orphanages and homes for the disabled.
- Any surprise then that tourism fills the coffers of the Islamic state to the brim?
I would love the Islamic State [IS] if it was Islamic and a state like the one imagined above. We were told it was so during the reign of Caliphs Omar and Uthman
Ruins of debris of wanton destruction; blood-stained walls and streets, burnt vehicles, houses, even trees; corpses of humans that lived till the other day, strewn and stinking across like insects, speaking of crass barbarity and brutal injustice; insecurity, fear, suspicion and hate reigning and separating even the members of the ruling clique; collapse of law, order and civic infrastructure and total ad-hocism and anarchy prevailing everywhere… all causing the people who occupied those lands for decades to flee in despair, and for those that could have visited these lands repeatedly to wash off the thinnest of connections with it…

No, the Islamic State is NOT an Islamic state. Indeed, this is NOT a state at all. This is no civilized colony. This is barbarism of 16th century that accidentally strayed into our time and place. This must be fought and destroyed.

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